if early sales figures and accolades are indicative of an album's future success, then 2V1G is already a "small" unqualified winner. bear in mind that 2v1g is not a commercial hot-seller like jay chou or S.H.E. it is really a "slow-burner" that would sell for many months/years as more and more people discover it.

so thank you music lovers! you show that you would not hesitate to support a local production provided it is a sincere and good one.

moving forward, we are planning some gigs (possible venues could be no black tie ) for the last quarter of the year, can we collect some email addresses from you so that we could build a 2v1g mailing list? just leave a comment with your name and email address in this post.

the months ahead are going to be exciting. happy listening!

[leslie loh]

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Ivan said...

Bravo! Guys, good job... can't wait to catch you guys live. Do drop me an email if you guys are doing any gig. Cheers.