we received many sms-es/emails from music lovers in s'pore on the availability of 2v1g in s'pore.

finally, philip and norman, our distributor, has confirmed order with us, and he wants me to assure you that 2v1g will be available next week in major outlets such as:

[1] gramophone (cathay, capitol and takashimaya branch)
[2] new disc village (adelphi #03-15,1 coleman St)
[3] roxy music (adelphi #03-42, 1 coleman St)
[4] HMV (starting 18/7/2008)

thanks for your support!


Jeffery said...

Yo guys! Congratulations on your new born baby! Will definitely buy one, straight from you guys perhaps? Hope you guys do more good-quality music, and most importantly enjoy every moment of it. All the best!


chow said...

good to know that you are with us. Thank You! I will keep my promise to do more good-quality music.

Anonymous said...

i am getting irritated by this. if it is not sold in SG, just say. Dunnid to drop a few shop names and all these names dun carry the CD!

2V1G said...

dear anonymous,

sorry about that!

you must have gone to gramophone and hmv! gramophone only took 20 pieces so it could have been sold out and hmv decided not to take after much consideration.

i suggest you go to new disc village and roxy in adephi. many happy customers have bought it from there and gave us positive feedback.

btw, our first batch is all sold out in malaysia and we are printing our 2nd batch this week.

in any case, if you still can't find it, you can always order online from us.

keep cool and enjoy the music ;-)

2V1G said...

hi anonymous,

i just called gramophone, they have the stock! it is just that they are now having mega sale so it is a bit chaotic now.