one of our biggest supporters, kk, a malaysian who is working in hong kong, has fallen very ill and we would like to say a little prayer to wish him a speedy recovery.

kk, you have reserved 10 copies of 2v1g (what an amazing way to say you like our album!) and we know you would come back in july in your normal cheerful self to collect them from us. we know you will be happy that we achieved such a feat in the chinese music industry in malaysia. we know that you will be proud of us.

we are pressing our 2nd batch of 2v1g in hong kong next week to meet the growing demand and we would put down our collective prayers for you in the liner note.
dear readers, please join us in praying for kk's speedy recovery.

kk, we know you would smile when you see how much we care for you.


Winnie 何芸妮 said...


Get well soon ^^


chow said...

Be strong!