yes, yes, yes, we will be performing our first ever gig together as 2v1g!

timeframe will be mid-september. venue has yet to be confirmed. our manager, leslie, will be the busiest person in the next few months.

each of the 2v1g's member is a seasoned performer himself/herself, how would they sound when they perform live together? would they sound even better than they were in the album? would the chemistry and ambience be electrifying? we all will find out in september.

if you want to be the early birds to get the tickets, please subscribe to 2v1g's mailing list on your right side then you will get to follow our latest news on the gig and more.

we are keeping our fingers fully crossed ;-)

one of our biggest supporters, kk, a malaysian who is working in hong kong, has fallen very ill and we would like to say a little prayer to wish him a speedy recovery.

kk, you have reserved 10 copies of 2v1g (what an amazing way to say you like our album!) and we know you would come back in july in your normal cheerful self to collect them from us. we know you will be happy that we achieved such a feat in the chinese music industry in malaysia. we know that you will be proud of us.

we are pressing our 2nd batch of 2v1g in hong kong next week to meet the growing demand and we would put down our collective prayers for you in the liner note.
dear readers, please join us in praying for kk's speedy recovery.

kk, we know you would smile when you see how much we care for you.

we received many sms-es/emails from music lovers in s'pore on the availability of 2v1g in s'pore.

finally, philip and norman, our distributor, has confirmed order with us, and he wants me to assure you that 2v1g will be available next week in major outlets such as:

[1] gramophone (cathay, capitol and takashimaya branch)
[2] new disc village (adelphi #03-15,1 coleman St)
[3] roxy music (adelphi #03-42, 1 coleman St)
[4] HMV (starting 18/7/2008)

thanks for your support!

[down with lousy record shop!]

we are sorry that many customers couldn't find 2v1g cd in many record shops.

the reason being that most record shops have a "vote of no confidence" on 2v1g (much like a certain political party) hence they stock only 1-2 copy and they got sold almost instantly.

in recent years, record shops' buyers in malaysia have become so safe and timid that they only dare to order bulk on a certain sellable names. don't blame them, such is the sorry state of chinese pop music industry :-(

the chinese music industry gives very little chance or emphasis on genuine artistes that make true music, without resorting to good looks, gossips, rumors and scandals.

2v1g does not need that sort of hype.

let's unite and show them that 2v1g can sell!

[distribution info]
interglobal music is our distributor in malaysia. please direct all inquries on retail availability (which stores sell the cd) to interglobal music at 03- 41428133

for singapore distribution, please email (norman)
for thailand distribution, please email (steve)
for hong kong distribution, please email (keith)

the good people of cap cd,a retail chain of cd shops in thailand, have ordered 100 pieces of 2v1g cds for the first order and here's their advertisement in local mag...

such music lovers the thai people are! thanks, steve surachade, for your passion in music and belief in our music. steve, if we have enough support in bangkok, we would perform some gigs there!

we are targeting indonesia next!

Yesterday was our 2v1g producer, Leslie's birthday. It is also the big day of my singer friend, Sim Yen (Zyan). Happy belated birthday, gemini buddies!

Stacey Kent's album is spinning in my player again. The jazz music fills up the room (it would be great if there's a glass of red wine in hand, haha), while I am sitting in front of my laptop. I'm wondering, when will I have a chance to sing with a real jazz band? If I were granted a chance to do an album again, I hope I can swing the album. I always hope that I can turn the Mandarin repertoires upside down and swing the tunes! Can you imagine how I would sound like? Oh ya, Leslie said in his 'birthday wishes' blog post - if budget allows, he will send us for a jazz vocal lessons. Oh, my lovely audience, please support this 2v1g album seriously so that the producer will send me for the lessons, yeah!!!!!

So, right after Stacey, I am now watching the Divas such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Aretha Franklin, Peggy Lee, Roberta Flack. You know what I found? My god, I found an amazing clip, 4 divas sang together on stage, a tribute to Duke Ellington. Check this out quickly! (I get goosebumps all around now.....)

PS: Folks, if you come across any fantastic Jazz vocal coach, please send me the contact. I seriously want to have some Jazz vocal lessons. Thanks a lot!

[winnie ho]

today is my birthday and 2v1g's debut album - which is hitting the stores today - is my greatest present. birthday present seldom comes as sweet as this :-)

on this very special day, i would like to dream a little dream.

i would like to dream on the possibility of starting our 2nd album by the end of this year.

it is gonna be like this:

[1] we will add two more instruments, probably an accordian (i love the earthy tone!) and a cello or even a harmonica.

[2] we will hold a competition in a certain music college famed for music arrangement. the student who comes out with the best arrangement for our songs will get RM500 for each song.

[3] songs for 2nd album will be themed along the 80s' rock ballads from the likes of zhao chuan [赵传] and qi qin [ 齐秦]

[4] we will send our two singers for specialized jazz vocal training so they would sound different and refreshing in the 2nd album

[5] and funds permitting, we will have our own studio!

everything starts from a dream, from the greatest inventions on earth to something as small and as insignificant as a 2v1g album.

and i dare to dream ;-)

note: the above is purely imaginary as i have not consulted my producer, chow, and the 2v1g trio ;-)

[leslie loh]

thanks, keong, for the wonderful comment!

"今天刚拿到新鲜出炉的第一个马来西亚中文发烧《2v1G》专辑,兴奋地放进cd盆里。当声音播出来的时候,好像发现跟平时听的中文发烧CD不 一样。一般的中文发烧CD很注重音响效果,会把人声弄得突出,吉他声很尖利,echo效果重,味精多。而《2v1G》就好像原汁原味,音色简单美,人声和 吉他自然和谐,会让你自自然然地只集中在音乐上而不会在乎那些所谓音响效果。专辑里的选曲都是我那年代熟悉的经典好曲,如果掌握不好会给原曲比下去。但戴 丽津、何芸妮、Roger Wang都成功用他们的实力和感情呈现多首动人歌曲而不逊于原曲。(除了《我要我们在一起》,因为原曲的编曲实在太丰富和激情)。很喜欢戴丽津和何芸妮合唱的部分,她们的互动很好赋予比原曲更多的惊喜,也佩服roger自然的吉他编曲给予旧曲新生命。非常喜欢戴丽津的《心动》,感觉比较喜欢你的版本。这不 是一张惊天之作,但它的确揪住我的心,它让我舒服地享受整张专辑,它只是一张耐听又有诚意的作品。"

if early sales figures and accolades are indicative of an album's future success, then 2V1G is already a "small" unqualified winner. bear in mind that 2v1g is not a commercial hot-seller like jay chou or S.H.E. it is really a "slow-burner" that would sell for many months/years as more and more people discover it.

so thank you music lovers! you show that you would not hesitate to support a local production provided it is a sincere and good one.

moving forward, we are planning some gigs (possible venues could be no black tie ) for the last quarter of the year, can we collect some email addresses from you so that we could build a 2v1g mailing list? just leave a comment with your name and email address in this post.

the months ahead are going to be exciting. happy listening!

[leslie loh]







1 我这一次来北京的任务----洽谈马来西亚与中国两国合作的一部音乐剧《宝镜》;

2 到北京的第一个晚上,我的朋友就送了一套书给我,书名是《明朝那些事儿》;

3 每一个夜晚,陪着我度过的一首又一首的歌曲---- 戴丽津、何芸妮、Roger Wang 的《2V1G》。


夜晚,打开电脑,在我埋头梳理着白天的会议报告中,陪我一起面对着清冷的酒店房间的我的工作伙伴----电脑,就不停的播着《回家》、《情雪》、《新不了情》、《心动》、《飞机场的10点半》、《三月》。。。。。。戴丽津的深情、何芸妮的多变、Roger Wang的冷酷和精准,纠缠着旋律、歌词,呼吸与歌声如同夜深人静的微风,轻轻的抚慰着你流落在异乡的忧患和落寞。。。.









[chow kam leong]


严谨的录音是超高解像24bit/192Khz DSP发烧录音。我们用了价值不菲的经典AKG-C12VR真空管麦克风。此麦克风的音色艳丽和温暖,尤其适和人声! 

除此之外,我们还用了著名 Transparent Audio 的 Power Isolator 8 (PI8) 电源处理器。此净电王将录音室里电源的垃圾除的一干二净,还回原声的清澈和宁静。

录音师 vong 用了毕生功力,将录音发挥到发烧极点!母带后期处理就交给香港发烧天后 susan wong 的录音师 keith yip 处理。keith 的鼎鼎大名将会带给广大发烧友无限的期待!

当你聆听2V1G时,你会惊叹于那 玲珑剔透的吉他; 你会陶醉于那温暖动人和音色绝美的人声.


this is the first pop/audiophile crossover album in malaysia and we are proud of it!

the recording is high-resolution 24bit/192Khz DSP recording. we used the legendary AKG c12vr tube microphone (picture above) for vocal recording. the AKG is famed for its warmth and beautiful timbre, especially for human voice.

additionally, we used the Transparent Audio Power Isolator 8 (PI8) power management system to power up all the recording equipment in the studio. the PI8 greatly reduces EMI/RFI, electrical buzz, and other pollution in the AC line and provides a clean and pristine sound with pitch-black background.

recording and mixing is done locally by our engineer, vong, while the all-important mastering is done by keith yip, the audiophile guru from hong kong, who owns the audiophile music label rock in music, who is also the former boss and recording engineer of audiophile queen, susan wong. with such credentials behind us, expectations are naturally high.

as you listen to the album, you would appreciate the beautiful recording of the two voices and guitar. it is as if the singers are singing in real space, in front of you. roger wang's guitar has a presence that is eerie and palpable.

please don't buy pirated copies or download from the internet as you would defeat the purpose of this beautiful recording. also, if you can avoid it, don't listen from your notebook as you won't be able to fully appreciate the sound.




友弟Yudi (大馬著名歌手)









How does one paint mathematically? How do you logically explain feelings? How scientific can you theorize love? How may I cramp all the emotions into a single CD?

Working with great musicians makes you think a lot about these stuff. Seeing them nail the song in one take; witnessing their internal calmness even when they are singing at the top of their lungs; watching them break down in tears after an overflow of emotions; laughing with them at the blunder of each other... makes you think how a microphone, a pre-amplifier, a mixer and a recorder can be able to grasp all these... .

The vibrating sensation in the head when singing; the moving of lips and every muscle in the face when articulating the lyrics; the pain in the fingers when depressing the strings of the guitar; the projection of hollowness of that very six-stringed instrument that moves you... Oh, how do you put every wavelength produced into something so cold as a CD?

I might never get the answer in the lifetime of next, but this much I can say - I will capture the moment.

Thank you Roger, Regine and Winnie for all the moments.

[ vong, recording engineer]






谢谢Roger, RegineWinnie 你们带给我的这一刹那。

[录音师感言] vong-2V1G录音、混音师 [chinese translation by chow kam leong]

[1] coming home - this is winnie ho's award-winning song; it is also the song which many people associate her with. unlike previous versions sung by winnie, this version has a slower build-up and milder climaxes. winnie has purposely lightened up the song with less emotional intensity. she has grown up as a singer and she wants the audience to appreciate a more mature version of this classic song. roger's guitar is light and simple, fully letting the vocalist to take the center stage.

[2] snowy love - this is a tracy huang's classic, made popular by faye wong. regine's rendition is appropriately sweet without overdoing it. this is one of the most accessible love songs in the album. nothing complicated, just pure sweet music.

[3] endless love - this is the boldest interpretation in the whole album! a passionate love song being transformed into a bossa nova, roger's creativity is most evident on the guitar solo where he infuses a decidedly latin feel to the song. the two singers also ad-libbed a lot in the last part (not in the edited version here), making the whole rendition rather adventurous and fun.

[4] airport at 10:30 - a david tao's r&b classic, this song will make most guitarists frown in frustration on working out a groove/rhythm in the guitar solo. i suppose only roger wang can do it. winnie ho is having a hell of good time in singing this song; she doesn't seem like she wants to stop.

[5] tempting hearts - my fave in this album. there is so much outpouring emotions in this song that makes it memorable. regine's rendition made me weep the first time i heard it (she also broke down after singing this song in the studio) and roger's guitar solo is so heartbreakingly gorgeous. try to listen to this song alone at night with your hifi on, a glass of red wine, lights dimmed, and you will understand.

[6] march - my producer, chow's original work, march is not easy to sing at all. roger has attempted many arrangements for this song. at the end, we settled for one with a bit of "swing" feel. there is a certain sadness of helplessness in this song, if only you know the meaning behind the lyrics.








昨晚回家,看朋友借我“A New Day Celine Dion 的现场录音录影DVD(我从临晨两点欲罢不能的一直看到临晨四点演唱会结束),看着那些全情投入的舞者、感情奔放的和音歌手和乐手。。。还有,那一片超乎想象的舞台,还有,那神乎其技的灯光。。。还有,还有,还有Celine Dion的游刃有余的力量、收放自如的演绎,我终于明白,一切的一切原来只是被一个非常简单的道理牵引,那就是。。。(去看吧!Celine Dion 在演唱会中有提到这一点)

而让我最感动的,是观众!但是,是什么东西让观众那么的感动着我?是什么?答案是:Celine Dion

也许这一个舞台永远不会属于我们,但是,我们仍然可以写歌、唱歌,玩音乐。。。。。。那么,我们是不是也可以好像Celine Dion一样的,在我们唱歌的时候,可以感动着别人?



丽津、芸妮,别放弃,去看Celine Dion,然后,相信我;更重要的是,相信自己。





很多人会羡慕做音乐的我们,也有很多人走进了这一个行业,然后很快的离开,而留下来的,当坐下来聊天的时候,大家抛出的, 都会是同样的一个字-累。







the temperature of the air-conditioners in the recording studio is almost invariably set to the lowest possible, so that all the recording equipment would not get too hot.

every now and then, when we work in the enclosed studio for more than 10 hours continuously, our bodies would normally become very cold and numbed. so would our mental state and behavior.

it is working in such cold temperature that lends us the answers to many questions as to why we keep our struggles, our sacrifices, our faiths and beliefs in music all these past 20 years. because we believe and are convinced that music is, ultimately, warm.

many people envy our profession, thinking that it is glamorous and monetarily rewarding. many entered this profession only to find themselves disillusioned and as a result, they couldn't last and they left this profession with much disappointment or even disgust. and those who steadfastly remain behind - like us - would invariably utter the same sentiment whenever we get together and share our hardships - that we are tired, very tired.

so i always ask myself - what keeps me alive, loyal and dedicated to my work till today?

the answer - it is the all-too-familiar faint noise emanating from the cold and still air in the recording studio that keeps me believing; that keeps me walking tall in this profession; that makes me dedicate to my work without a single regret for the past 20 years.

today is the birth of 2V1G.

we can't and we won't predict how far it will go.

but i would like to ask - if you were to listen to 2V1G attentively, with your heart and soul - do you feel the warmth?

[words by chow kam leong, translation by leslie loh]

不知不觉,我的歌唱生涯已经踏入了第11个年头。距离摘下歌唱比赛冠军,也有8年之久了。一路走来,我很庆幸自己还是那么热爱唱歌,纵然,它没有让我挣得很多钱。也许大家不知道,我不是很喜欢大家介绍我的时候,老是强调我曾是某个歌唱比赛的冠军。虽然,它的确为我打开了一道门,让很多人认识我。可是,我还是比较享受做一个会唱歌却又很平凡的小妮子。比赛冠军不是我人生中最精彩的唯一一页 ,但会是我人生中精彩的其中一页。我的人生还有很多精彩的部分是等待分享的,我不想它们被忽略。


我希望大家喜欢听我唱歌,不是因为我被包装得华丽堂皇。我但愿那动机是单纯的,原始的,简单的。纯粹因为喜欢,因为被打动。我不需要很多的欢呼声为我鼓掌,我更期待 大家静静的坐在台下,用心的聆听和感受(当然,听完以后的鼓掌是一种礼貌),那是我无比的鼓励。




何芸妮 [winnie ho]

芸妮和丽津的粉丝们,如果你们要知道 2V1g 的来龙去脉和录音的过程记载,请浏览 desirable audio boutique。在右首边的 label tag,请点击 "the making of an audiophile album"。你将会读到超过30 篇关于2V1G的文章!

fans of winnie ho, regine tai and roger wang - if you want to know the origin of 2V1G and a blow-by-blow account of the recording process, please visit desirable audio boutique. on your right, you should see a label tag, find the tag named "the making of an audiophile album" and you will get to read more than 30 blog posts on 2V1G.







[regine tai]

that night i attended 动地吟 because jin liang gave me two tickets. winnie ho was supposed to accompany me but i ended up going alone.

i wasn't prepared for anything since it was my first time. it turned out that the poetry recital and singing were so touching that i cried half way thru the show when singer wang yi zhong sang the song 寂寞 [loneliness]. even yi zhong had tears flowing down his cheek. i didn't expect jin liang's music to be so sentimental and touching. i respect my jin liang lao shi so much more after this memorable experience.

i am so glad that i came to witness this historical moment in malaysian chinese culture.

my 2nd purpose was also to collect the final mix cdr of 2v1g from vong, our recording engineer. i have to approve the recording mix before we send to hong kong for mastering. i have so far listened to only 3 out of the 12 songs from the repertoire. i was so eager to listen to the final works.

as soon as i got onto my car, i slotted the cdr into my car audio player. as i listened to regine tai's 心动 [tempting hearts] and later winnie ho's 回家 [coming home], i could feel a big lump in my throat; i could feel my heart softened and slowly melted away; i could feel my eyes wetting; i could feel the shivers down my spine... i was enveloped in an aural orgasm. and what's more, vong's recording is absolutely gorgeous.

as winnie ho has rightly put in the album's message - 2v1g is not a work of earth-shattering proportion. but if you - the discerning listeners - could pick up the nuances and the delicate emotions in the singing, the sensitive plucking of roger wang, the sincerity and the whole-heartedness in our production, you will love this album.

the drive back home that night was lonely but i have 2v1g's music to accompany me. moments like these make life worth living.

yes, we have made an album that even we ourselves are proud of.

[leslie loh]



辛苦了几个月、兴奋了几个月、患得患失了几个月。。。这一切就将离我们而去 。。。

大家奋斗了那么多的时日,成绩也来到了公布的时候;我们每做一张专辑,在我们听觉的空中,就多了一个声音,这一个声音可以让多少人听见、可以被多少人喜欢,我们真的控制不了,我们要做的就是,被评击时处惊不变,被怀疑时临危不乱,被接受时虚心感恩,被推崇时努力珍惜 。。。

再回到录音室的时候,一切又必须从头开始,艰辛、煎熬、兴奋和患得患失,全部重来 。。。







这是令人振奋的消息 - 香港的品牌rock in music 已经答应发行2v1g!
届时, 2V1G的CD将会在香港和台湾找到!

this is the most exciting news to us - music label rock in music of hong kong has agreed to distribute 2v1g in hong kong and taiwan!

we are so lucky!

coverage in av xpress issue #4. please click to enlarge.