today is my birthday and 2v1g's debut album - which is hitting the stores today - is my greatest present. birthday present seldom comes as sweet as this :-)

on this very special day, i would like to dream a little dream.

i would like to dream on the possibility of starting our 2nd album by the end of this year.

it is gonna be like this:

[1] we will add two more instruments, probably an accordian (i love the earthy tone!) and a cello or even a harmonica.

[2] we will hold a competition in a certain music college famed for music arrangement. the student who comes out with the best arrangement for our songs will get RM500 for each song.

[3] songs for 2nd album will be themed along the 80s' rock ballads from the likes of zhao chuan [赵传] and qi qin [ 齐秦]

[4] we will send our two singers for specialized jazz vocal training so they would sound different and refreshing in the 2nd album

[5] and funds permitting, we will have our own studio!

everything starts from a dream, from the greatest inventions on earth to something as small and as insignificant as a 2v1g album.

and i dare to dream ;-)

note: the above is purely imaginary as i have not consulted my producer, chow, and the 2v1g trio ;-)

[leslie loh]


拉屎博客 K'net said...

happy birthday!!

2V1G said...

thanks ;-)

Jayc said...

Happy belated birthday.

What stores are your Cds hitting? :D I went to CDrama at the Curve and Tower records and they didn't have it. :(

Anonymous said...

How about piano? But I would suggest those extra instruments to be seamlessly integrated with guitar and vocals still the main characters :) and you can still can keep some songs with guitar only in second album just to keep up the mood. A drastic change might not help sometime in 2nd album.

joshcloudz said...

its great to have a dream. Every great things started with one little dream. I totally supportive of getting your own studio!!

Yeah, i couldn't get the CD at my place too!

I also agree with Anonymous that sometimes big changes might not the best solutions. Best keep 2v1g in its elements...two voices and one guitar!

btw, happy super-belated birthday!!!