严谨的录音是超高解像24bit/192Khz DSP发烧录音。我们用了价值不菲的经典AKG-C12VR真空管麦克风。此麦克风的音色艳丽和温暖,尤其适和人声! 

除此之外,我们还用了著名 Transparent Audio 的 Power Isolator 8 (PI8) 电源处理器。此净电王将录音室里电源的垃圾除的一干二净,还回原声的清澈和宁静。

录音师 vong 用了毕生功力,将录音发挥到发烧极点!母带后期处理就交给香港发烧天后 susan wong 的录音师 keith yip 处理。keith 的鼎鼎大名将会带给广大发烧友无限的期待!

当你聆听2V1G时,你会惊叹于那 玲珑剔透的吉他; 你会陶醉于那温暖动人和音色绝美的人声.


this is the first pop/audiophile crossover album in malaysia and we are proud of it!

the recording is high-resolution 24bit/192Khz DSP recording. we used the legendary AKG c12vr tube microphone (picture above) for vocal recording. the AKG is famed for its warmth and beautiful timbre, especially for human voice.

additionally, we used the Transparent Audio Power Isolator 8 (PI8) power management system to power up all the recording equipment in the studio. the PI8 greatly reduces EMI/RFI, electrical buzz, and other pollution in the AC line and provides a clean and pristine sound with pitch-black background.

recording and mixing is done locally by our engineer, vong, while the all-important mastering is done by keith yip, the audiophile guru from hong kong, who owns the audiophile music label rock in music, who is also the former boss and recording engineer of audiophile queen, susan wong. with such credentials behind us, expectations are naturally high.

as you listen to the album, you would appreciate the beautiful recording of the two voices and guitar. it is as if the singers are singing in real space, in front of you. roger wang's guitar has a presence that is eerie and palpable.

please don't buy pirated copies or download from the internet as you would defeat the purpose of this beautiful recording. also, if you can avoid it, don't listen from your notebook as you won't be able to fully appreciate the sound.

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