Yesterday was our 2v1g producer, Leslie's birthday. It is also the big day of my singer friend, Sim Yen (Zyan). Happy belated birthday, gemini buddies!

Stacey Kent's album is spinning in my player again. The jazz music fills up the room (it would be great if there's a glass of red wine in hand, haha), while I am sitting in front of my laptop. I'm wondering, when will I have a chance to sing with a real jazz band? If I were granted a chance to do an album again, I hope I can swing the album. I always hope that I can turn the Mandarin repertoires upside down and swing the tunes! Can you imagine how I would sound like? Oh ya, Leslie said in his 'birthday wishes' blog post - if budget allows, he will send us for a jazz vocal lessons. Oh, my lovely audience, please support this 2v1g album seriously so that the producer will send me for the lessons, yeah!!!!!

So, right after Stacey, I am now watching the Divas such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Aretha Franklin, Peggy Lee, Roberta Flack. You know what I found? My god, I found an amazing clip, 4 divas sang together on stage, a tribute to Duke Ellington. Check this out quickly! (I get goosebumps all around now.....)

PS: Folks, if you come across any fantastic Jazz vocal coach, please send me the contact. I seriously want to have some Jazz vocal lessons. Thanks a lot!

[winnie ho]


Steven said...

Check out Diana Krall's "A case of you" and Lisa Ono ;)

Steven said...

Here's the link, A case of you

and Lisa Ono's Girl from Ipanema

Winnie 何芸妮 said...


Thanks :)
Too bad they are not living in Malaysia.