that night i attended 动地吟 because jin liang gave me two tickets. winnie ho was supposed to accompany me but i ended up going alone.

i wasn't prepared for anything since it was my first time. it turned out that the poetry recital and singing were so touching that i cried half way thru the show when singer wang yi zhong sang the song 寂寞 [loneliness]. even yi zhong had tears flowing down his cheek. i didn't expect jin liang's music to be so sentimental and touching. i respect my jin liang lao shi so much more after this memorable experience.

i am so glad that i came to witness this historical moment in malaysian chinese culture.

my 2nd purpose was also to collect the final mix cdr of 2v1g from vong, our recording engineer. i have to approve the recording mix before we send to hong kong for mastering. i have so far listened to only 3 out of the 12 songs from the repertoire. i was so eager to listen to the final works.

as soon as i got onto my car, i slotted the cdr into my car audio player. as i listened to regine tai's 心动 [tempting hearts] and later winnie ho's 回家 [coming home], i could feel a big lump in my throat; i could feel my heart softened and slowly melted away; i could feel my eyes wetting; i could feel the shivers down my spine... i was enveloped in an aural orgasm. and what's more, vong's recording is absolutely gorgeous.

as winnie ho has rightly put in the album's message - 2v1g is not a work of earth-shattering proportion. but if you - the discerning listeners - could pick up the nuances and the delicate emotions in the singing, the sensitive plucking of roger wang, the sincerity and the whole-heartedness in our production, you will love this album.

the drive back home that night was lonely but i have 2v1g's music to accompany me. moments like these make life worth living.

yes, we have made an album that even we ourselves are proud of.

[leslie loh]

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