How does one paint mathematically? How do you logically explain feelings? How scientific can you theorize love? How may I cramp all the emotions into a single CD?

Working with great musicians makes you think a lot about these stuff. Seeing them nail the song in one take; witnessing their internal calmness even when they are singing at the top of their lungs; watching them break down in tears after an overflow of emotions; laughing with them at the blunder of each other... makes you think how a microphone, a pre-amplifier, a mixer and a recorder can be able to grasp all these... .

The vibrating sensation in the head when singing; the moving of lips and every muscle in the face when articulating the lyrics; the pain in the fingers when depressing the strings of the guitar; the projection of hollowness of that very six-stringed instrument that moves you... Oh, how do you put every wavelength produced into something so cold as a CD?

I might never get the answer in the lifetime of next, but this much I can say - I will capture the moment.

Thank you Roger, Regine and Winnie for all the moments.

[ vong, recording engineer]






谢谢Roger, RegineWinnie 你们带给我的这一刹那。

[录音师感言] vong-2V1G录音、混音师 [chinese translation by chow kam leong]

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