autograph signing - winnie

autograph signing - regine


在发烧听觉要求为大前提的概念下,我国音响达人Leslie Loh、音乐人周金亮联手制作了大马第一张两把女生和一把吉他,融合流行和发烧元素的发烧天碟----《2V1G》。

2V--Two Voices何芸妮和戴丽津真情流露、干净剔透的歌声;1G--One Guitar我国爵士吉他第一人Roger Wang深情浓郁、挥洒自如的吉他演绎,加上严谨的制作,为了要达到最理想的听觉效果,制作队伍更特邀香港公认发烧天碟制作第一人Keith Yip负责母带后期处理,而为了酬谢《2V1G》的支持者,首批限量3,000张CD全在香港生产,空运返马,于是,这一张充满诚意的专辑终于诞生了。

《2V1G》最珍贵的,就是在于两把女声与吉他一起同步录音的过程中所激发出来的火花。何芸妮在声音的收放中,显示了她对选曲游刃有余的操控,那是大将气度;戴丽津对歌曲感情的拿捏,让人看到了歌者在处理一首歌曲的最重要的武器,那就是感情;而当吉他来到Roger Wang的手中,它已经变成了音乐。

何芸妮、戴丽津和Roger Wang,在每一首歌曲录制的过程中都毫无保留的为每一首歌曲注入了自身的感受和触觉,那些突发的感情,也为每一首歌曲增添了该有的厚度。




这是一张香港入口CD. 每张CD的价格是RM39。90。西马的订购者,请另加poslaju邮费RM4。 
东马的订购者,请加RM7 poslaju邮费。

付款的方式是通过maybank2u 或 paypal 。请发电邮 和请记得写上你的地址!

maybank 户口是 : LOH HIP PING 114208794020

如用 paypal 请付给电邮 请付美元 (paypal only!).

[1]西马的订购购者,请付美元USD14。30 (已经加USD0.80服务费)
[2]东马的订购购者,请付美元USD14。90 (已经加USD0.80服务费)


如有疑问,请拨电话 +6012-2083790 (leslie).


we accept internet orders for the album. to date, we have sold more than 3,000 copies of the album! this is some kind of achievement considering the global downtrend for cd sales.

2v1G CDs are also being sold in major record shops nationwide. we have sold out our limited edition first pressing. what is available now is the 2nd pressing.

this is an imported cd pressed in hong kong. the price for the CD is RM39.90. if you are in west malaysia, please add additional poslaju shipping charges of RM4. if you are in east malaysia, please add additional poslaju shipping charges of RM7. please note that these are subsidized rates - normal poslaju rates start from RM6 to west malaysia and RM9 to east malaysia.

payment can be made via maybank2u or paypal.

for maybank2u, please deposit into account: LOH HIP PING 114208794020

if you pay via maybank2u, please remember to fill in the email address so that a confirmation email will be sent to us. write a separate email to to provide your address.

for paypal, please pay to

for payment via paypal, you will have to pay in US dollars:

1) for west malaysian buyers - USD14.30 (paypal fee of USD0.80 already included)
2) for east malaysian buyers - USD14.90 (paypal fee of USD0.80 already included)
3) for buyers from other countries - please email us separately. our email is

please remember to provide your shipping address!

if you have queries, please call leslie at +60122083790.

thanks for supporting 2V1G!


Charmayne said...

wow great stuff..! :)

Anonymous said...

may i know how many songs are there in the released album?

Winnie 何芸妮 said...

a total of 12.
scroll down and check out the old article, u'll read thru the songs choice.

Wesley said...

I have heard both your voices with those samples you've made available here & I have to say,"WOW!"

Seriously, you both have got very unique & soothing voices, am in fact very happy that we've got quite a few good voices in Malaysia.

Wish you all the best & look forward for more of your musics! Cheers!


Zaini said...

good day.

first of,congrat on producing such great song.its really soothing.heh.

one q though winnie, im not familiar with this online purchasing thingy.can i js cash deposit the total amount via the cash dep machine at maybank n then myb scan the resit n email it to u.can it be done?i reli wanna have those cd.


*sory to have bring up this matter at ur comment box.

2V1G said...

hi zaini,

yes, you can do that. then write an email to us at informing us of your address. that's all.

thanks for supporting 2v1g!

Zaini said...

hi 2v1g,

i have successfully made the payment n sent all the details to lesloh[at]

usually, how long would it take for the package to arrive? i reside in sepang btw.


looking forward to enjoy ur great music!

KCLau 觥荃 said...

一流! 何芸妮 & Regine 都是我的偶像!

davidlowjw said...

I like your songs but the imeem playlist is slow.
Need to wait like 15minutes to get a song loaded...

*This might be routing problems with Streamyx*

Would you mind host it at other places? I might be able to offer my web hosting to host your demo songs.

I hope more people can get the chance to listen to your song and buy your album eventually.

Good voice and talents shouldn't be buried. Support local music industry!


darer said...

the guitarist is leet, well played

2V1G said...

hi david,

thanks for your suggestion!

if the hosting is of reasonable cost, then we are definitely interested.

please email me and we will take it offline.

Jayc said...

Really nice. I'll definitely get a copy when its out.

Keong said...

出来的时候,好像发现跟平时听的中文发烧CD不一样。一般的中文发烧CD很注重音响效果,会把人声弄得突出,吉他声很尖利,echo效果重,味精多。而《2v1G》就好像原汁原味,音色简单美,人声和吉他自然和谐,会让你自自然然地只集中在音乐上而不会在乎那些所谓音响效果。专辑里的选曲都是我那年代熟悉的经典好曲,如果掌握不好会给原曲比下去。但戴丽津、何芸妮、Roger Wang都成功用他们的实力和感情呈现多首动人歌曲而不逊于原曲。(除了《我要我们在一起》,因为原曲的编曲实在太丰富和激情)。很喜欢戴丽津和何芸妮合唱的部分,她们的互动很好赋予比原曲更多的惊喜,也佩服roger自然的吉他编曲给予旧曲新生命。非常喜欢戴丽津的《心动》,感觉比较喜欢你的版本。这不是一张惊天之作,但它的确揪住我的心,它让我舒服地享受整张专辑,它只是一张耐听又有诚意的作品。

Gerard said...

Congratulations first of all! I will definitely get the CD...hopefully victoria music store sells it in Amcorp Mall...

ViNcE said...

Congratulation!!wow!! great songs, great voices!! its been a long time looking for this kind of voices oledi..thanks a lot like it very much!! i recommand a lot of fren oledi!!
thanks again!!! jia yu!!

chow said...


Anonymous said...

kudos! and congratulations :) i love the cd :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on ur debut~~!!
Wish you all the best (>.<)

菜菜敏 said...

戴丽津、何芸妮、Roger Wang加油!2V1G加油

Hon Koat said...

I chanced upon 2V1G at the record store today. Beside buying what i intend to buy, i also left with a copy of 2V1G.

I have never heard of the two lady vocalist before. So, normally with my record purchase, i won't take risk with unknown singers :)

After giving it a listen.. what can i say? The album did not disappoint me.. beautiful, soothing and strong voices accompanied by a talented guitarist. And a great selection of pop-chinese songs.

Keep up the good work - Regine, Winnie and Roger.

2V1G said...

hi hon koat,

thanks for the nice words ;-)

our gig in no black tie is slated on 7th & 8th of october. make sure you come!

hope you will subscribe to our yahoo mailing list and keep yourself up-to-date with 2v1g!

MahaguruSia said...

Great stuff guys, keep it up.

kit da shit said...

the guitar n the voice matched perfectly
love it