[down with lousy record shop!]

we are sorry that many customers couldn't find 2v1g cd in many record shops.

the reason being that most record shops have a "vote of no confidence" on 2v1g (much like a certain political party) hence they stock only 1-2 copy and they got sold almost instantly.

in recent years, record shops' buyers in malaysia have become so safe and timid that they only dare to order bulk on a certain sellable names. don't blame them, such is the sorry state of chinese pop music industry :-(

the chinese music industry gives very little chance or emphasis on genuine artistes that make true music, without resorting to good looks, gossips, rumors and scandals.

2v1g does not need that sort of hype.

let's unite and show them that 2v1g can sell!

[distribution info]
interglobal music is our distributor in malaysia. please direct all inquries on retail availability (which stores sell the cd) to interglobal music at 03- 41428133

for singapore distribution, please email samuelsingapore@gmail.com (norman)
for thailand distribution, please email surachade_p@hotmail.com (steve)
for hong kong distribution, please email info@rockinmusic.net (keith)


Anonymous said...

halo....wat about in singapore? can i get the cd there?? and also east malaysia( sabah&sarawak??)
from : ViNcE

2V1G said...

hi vince,

please see newly added info in the blog on distribution.

Jayc said...

keke.. its becoming quite a hunt eh? I bought a copy from Rock Corner at Mid Valley. They had 4 copies.

Will listen on the drive home.

ViNcE said...

wat!! u got it oledi?? i haven got it le... :(
will go hunt for it!! ehehe

Anonymous said...

Is it available in Singapore yet? emailed the distributor but he never reply!!!