tanya chua's [goodbye & hello] is undoubtedly this year's best mandarin album.

everyone in 2v1g likes tanya chua, including roger, who was impressed the first time he heard tanya's voice. he yelled, "this is very unlike the typical chinese pop singer!".

tanya has come a long way from her indie roots in s'pore. she is regarded by many as one of today's most talented singer-songwriters in the chinese scene (the other being taiwan's cheer chen qi zhen). in a sea of crappy chinese mandarin pop, her music comes to anyone with discerning and critical ears, as refreshing and cool, without succumbing to the hype and commericalism of today's manufactured pop.

last night was her 2nd time winning the best female singer in taiwan's golden melody awards. not only that, tanya also won the best producer award. as a first time producer, she must be over the moon with this recognition.

we all at 2v1g are happy that tanya gets the recognition she long deserves!


Winnie 何芸妮 said...

a singer-songwriter I always look up. Tanya, keep ur good music alive!

chow said...