besides things related to 2V1G, we will also share with you here music/albums that we like and also the events (i.e.concert, gig, promo) that our music label musictoxin organizes. the ratio of 2v1g's news compared to non-2v1g's news would be 80:20.

just as a sneak preview, together with dongtaidu (a chinese indie concert organizer) we will be bringing in - for the first time in malaysia - hong kong's indie act my little airport for a mini concert on the 30th august 2008! stay tuned.


在此做个预告, 在八月三十号,我们和动态度将会联合主办香港独立乐队my little airport的音乐会!敬请留意!  


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是的。场地是PJ, SS2, Wisma Galaxy.