Hello Leslie,

Just informed by the lady who takes care of the promotion of my products that 2V1G's 新不了情 has been selected by Radio Televsion Hong Kong, the government radio station, as Pick of the Week for 2 weeks starting from Sept. 3. Every week about 30 to 40 new songs fight for a slot in the Pick of the Week and only a few songs will be selected. You probably cannot imagine how difficult to get a song to be selected as Pick of the Week if you have never worked in the music industry here before. This will guarantee quite frequent air play for the song in the forthcoming 2 weeks. Though it might not guarantee better sales as too many people are downloading songs instead of buying CD. Anyway, it would help to bring 2V1G to the attention of people who are not audiophiles.

I am very glad about this and I hope you are happy about it too.

Keith Yip
Rock In Music


choonhong said...

congratulation...wish your songs are selected by radio station

Beautiful Solitude ~ said...

Thanks to Keith for sharing the good news, I am glad to know about that too :)
Thanks to choonhong for supporting us ;)