everyone in 2v1g is very busy, with the forthcoming buddhist musical rehearsals going full steam and the forthcoming gig in no black tie on october 7th and 8th.

just to let you in on our repertoire for our first gig - we will be singing 6 songs from the album with the rest being all "new" songs. some of them include:

被遗忘的时光 (蔡琴) - this will be arranged in bossa!
always on my mind (michael buble's version)
我和春天有个约会 (刘雅丽)
无情的雨,无情的你 (齐秦)
getaran jiwa (p.ramlee)
so you see, there is variety to please all and sundry! regine will also be singing one of her compostions which became a hit for gigi leung.

additionally, the two "V"sl be taking some vocals lessons with mia palencia, our local jazz queen. well, our singers never stop learning because they believe they can learn a lot from mia.

we will be announcing the ticketing/reservation info soon in this blog. watch this space!


滑翔翼 said...


Winnie 何芸妮 said...

sorry ppl, have been sooooo BUSY lately. Have too many vocal lessons to be made up to my students due to my Redang vacation and the musical in Nov, Dec.
Musicians friends heading back to the states soon, so got plenty of gathering.
Rehearsing for the musical as well.
And this week, going to start vocal lesson with Mia (excited!!!!).
I felt sorry bcos din catch up with you all for so long. Well, I do hope to see you all during the gig. And by the time, let's share a little bit more :)

Jasmine said...

hey~ me and my friends love your songs very much~~keep it up!!^^
(Thanks for your nice music)