starting january 2009, we are converting our hifi magazine av xpress into a music bulletin called MTX (musictoxin xpress)!

av xpress has been in the market for 2 years now. it is distributed for free in all the record shops in kl, mainly victoria music and rock corners. while it concentrates mainly on hifi, the music review section is very popular with the record stores' buyers and their customers.

our intentions to launch musictoxin xpress are two-fold:
1) to promote musictoxin label and its artistes (2v1g, jz8 and more)
2) to promote good music thru album reviews and good articles on music.

musictoxin xpress is a bilingual, once-in-2-month bulletin which covers topics like album reviews (chinese pop, english pop/rock, audiophile and jazz), music industry updates and up-to-date info on musictoxin's stable of artistes like 2v1g and jz8.

our artistes like roger wang, tay cher siang and chow kam leong are going to contribute articles on music.

since mainstream media doesn't quite bother with indie label like us, it is high time we take matters into our own hands.

trust me, MTX is going to be really cool bulletin for the discerning music lovers!

watch out for it in january 2009 at a record store near you!

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