the kind boss of NBT, evelyn hii, has invited us back again for a CNY gig at NBT!

she suggested to make the gig a charity event. she would be inviting top chinese calligraphers in town to contribute their "dui lian" (chinese calligraphy written on red papers, which comes in pair, for auspicious occasions). patrons can buy the "dui lian" for as low as RM10 a pair and all proceeds will go to a charity foundation.

roger, winnie and regine - who are extremely busy with various engagement at this moment - have all agreed to accept the gig invitation! we would be coming up with a new repertoire with some "classy" CNY songs thrown in for good measure. rest assured, there won't be the "dong dong qiang" kind of CNY songs! and certainly we won't have lion dance to grace the occasion!

the dates are 19th & 20th of january 2009. well, it is still early days, but please block your calendar in advance and invite your friends like you did the last time.

oh, btw, if luck has it, we are going to introduce another new act from musictoxin during the gig - the soon-to-be-launched JZ8 (pronouced as "jazzy eight"), a piano-and-vocal duo that plays chinese pop classics with a jazz flavor.

we are looking forward to a roaring good time again!


diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

hello, may i know how much for the entrance?

2V1G said...

RM30 only ;-)

lyn said...

Is the concert available for booking now? :)

2V1G said...

hi lyn,


lyn said...
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