many people have been asking - when is the next gig?

if (only if) we were to do a special st.valentine's gig next year, what songs do you want us to sing?

this romantic gig is not only for the love birds, mind you, even the singles, unattacheds ,broken hearteds are all welcome to attend. but we would refrain from singing sad songs because afterall this is supposed to be a sweet and happy occasion!

or should we add more drama to the gig by creating several stages of relationship: boy meets girl, boy falls for girls, boy gets the girl, boy courts the girl, boy proposes to the girl, boy marries the girl .... in every stage, there will be songs specially chosen for the occasion? isn't this a great idea?

for sure, we will sing kit chan's "xi huan ni", track #9 in the album! some said that is the only happy song in the album!

so please cast your vote now!


joshcloudz said...

Gary Cao's 世界唯一的你! and anything by 2v1g! you're amazing! Wish we could be like you!

JL - Halo Cafe Ipoh

Kong said...

Yes, songs No.9 and 10 please!