my vote for the most deliciously arranged and sung song in the gig.


Ken said...

when's the next gig in KL planned for ?

2V1G said...

hi ken,

mostly likely in feb 2009, after CNY.... please register with our yahoo mailing list if you want to be updated with the latest info on 2v1g.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys gonna perform in Singapore? Would love to watch you guys perform live!

by the way, do any of the two singers have any solo albums and if yes, where can I purchase them?

2V1G said...

hi anonymous,

we are working out on a gig at esplanade next year... keeping reading this blog and you won't be left out!

the girls don't have other album besides 2v1g but roger wang does have 4 albums to date.

Anonymous said...

thanks! will keep a lookout!