we just finished our first round of rehearsal tonight and i can tell you, 2v1g's maiden gig is gonna be a cracker.

many people, especially roger wang's fans, who bought the 2v1g cd commented they didn't see the true roger wang at play. this is partly true because it was roger's first foray into chinese ballads. he needs time to familiarize himself with this genre.

it is a different story this time. some of his arrangements we heard tonight are simply gorgeous. song like lover's tears and oblivious time (bei yu wang de shi guang, cai qin's classic) are all given a cool jazz/bossa treatment; they sound totally different and refreshing. we were nodding our heads in total approval of his superb arrangements.

frankly, if you are a mandarin pop lover, you must not be miss this gig. it is gonna be a really good one.

p/s there are still some "staircase" seats left for the two gigs. the seats offer good view of the stage but you have to sit on parquet flooring :-(


Anonymous said...

The performance at No Black Tie was rocks!!! Well done 2V1G! Congratulation!!

Anonymous said...

HI where can one get the album in Kuala Lumpur?

2V1G said...

hi anonymous at 10:41am,

thanks! we had so much fun too! i think the girls and roger were so brilliant eventho' it is their first time live on stage. no black tie is a cool venue for us!

anonymous at 11:05am,
you can buy it here online. (check the instructions on the right side). it is sold in major record stores nationwide, ie. victoria music, rook corner.

if you have problem, please call me 012-2083790.