yes, this one is a keeper.

bought it last night and have been spinning non-stop since.

if anne murray is a piece of hifi then she simply has the most gorgeous tone. in this fabulous cd, she even has a "ghostly" duet with dusty springfield in "i just fall in love again", this track itself worthy of the cost of this US-pressed CD. i does wet our eyes listening to it.

trust me, one you read the liner notes where the 12 different iconic female legends (including carole king, sarah brightman, ONJ, k.d.lang, shelby lynne, shania twain) expressed their feelings of excitement in collaborating with anne murray, you would be so moved that you want to read it over and over again.

2v1g plans to do a cover version of "you needed me" in the NBT gig in october and anne murray's duet with shania twain here is the best source of reference.

review to come.

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Kong Wai Keong said...

Please drop me a mail once your tickets for the No Black Tie gig on Oct 7 & 8 are on sale. My email is, h/p 012-3196160 and my name is Kong. Woudl like to buy 8 tickets. Thanks.